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Anyone can realize their potential or develop a project here

Contributors to the editor's assistance

The authors of the content and personalities are listed here,we are very grateful for their participation in development and assistance!

  • Jankie
  • FreddyDan12
  • Redy
  • Train Drive
  • EAlex
  • SweetMouse
  • Archius
  • The_Milkyz

Contact us

Possible ways to contact us to offer and discuss help


One of the types of communication with us is communication through mail, over time we respond to messages sent to us


A more convenient communication option for Russian users, receiving an answer and contacting the authors of the project

Social networks

We also respond to messages and suggestions in all social networks where the project exists

For artists

For artists and designers, the direction of help exists in the form of creating concepts or designing something, if you have experience with 3D then you can create models and objects

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The project is publicly available on Github, but with a Creative Commons license, allowing you to modify and improve the code with your help, we only allow you to modify the original repository without creating servers


For material support, our project is available in Patreon, we are especially grateful for this type of help due to the specifics of the project, our project exists on enthusiasm and we will be grateful to you, as well as different bonuses are given for choosing the type of donation

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When creating and publishing, copyright is respected, which consists in assigning content to the author, so that at any time, if the author wishes, this content can be removed during the next update, as well as, if possible, the author of the content is indicated