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how to draw

Frames use vector format (SVG), you need to take the coordinates of the shape from the file they are located at (digital sequence of text)

All parts of the "avatar" are divided into frames, on average they are 3, 5, 7 horizontal frames (there are no vertical ones)

In order for animation to work properly, it is necessary for points to be in right order, with the same quantity in frames, it is easy to observe if copied from the previous frame, afterwards providing changes for new one

How SVG Shape Morphing WorksSVG Morphing (the easy way and the hard way)

how to help improve the code

The project code is publicly available on the GitHub site with a CC BY-NC-ND v4.0, it can be improved by anyone

The Fluffies on GitHub


Not all head positions look good

The eye view in Firefox is incorrect

In Edge and Internet Explorer browsers may not display properly

We advise you to upgrade your browser to the latest version

adding to the project

If you have ideas or want to add hairstyles or something else to the project, let us know and your proposal will be considered

Use that email to send: [email protected]