The power of your processor

All frames and angles are calculated in real time on your computer

Available from anywhere

The project is a website, so you do not need to install it, but it requires an Internet connection

Thank you!

We are grateful that you paid attention to the project and special thanks to those who support it

Web project for everyone

Created in the summer of 2018 with the idea of ​​using vector animation right on the site and making it accessible to all by the editor

If you are interested in drawing, developing, go to the support page, at the moment there is not enough time and effort to develop one

The project is based on the Nuxt.js framework (made from Vue.js and Webpack) in Statically Generated mode

A website is a Single Page Application (SPA), and also a Progressive Web Application (PWA)

Vuetify was used to write the interface

The project supports web sockets (socket.io) for real-time elements

Optimized for use on phones and in non-network mode

In future plans

• Adding premium features via donation

• Adding gryphons and kirin races

GitHub contributors
Join development
Become a part of the project
Special thanks to

LightningZap for hosting and motivation

Jankie for creating colored mane ends

FreddyDan12 for donations to Patreon

Redy for graphic type ideas

Train Drive for many ideas of a graphic type

EAlex for graphic type ideas

SweetMouse for testing and lots of ideas

Archius for catching bugs and testing

The_Milkyz for lots of ideas and drawing assistance