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About us and our history
of editor creation

The story of how the project was born and developed the difficulties passed and the description of the project itself


The idea of creating a project appeared in the summer of 2018 as the possibility of easy accessibility to creating pony characters directly from the browser using modern technologies without downloading and installing requirements

At the same time, achieving great convenience and many options for tools for interacting with the character


Observing the trend in the popularity of Pony Creator and SFM, there was a decision to come up with an editor and attract users with an alternative option and design in order to improve the content and the editor itself for creating it, I did not like the current state of this content and its consumption


After observing the trend of using the editor, it was decided to remake it into a more cost-effective and labor-saving project with an online world and a variant of 3D-style improvements on the general theme of (furry) animals

maximum result with minimum effort

Analysis of editor
Server with code stack


The editor uses Next.js to work as a Docker-based microservice, and also includes other programs written in Node.js, Three.js is used for rendering 3D, and is used to contact the browser with the server

constantly finding new solutions

History of the project

How we found the ideal style and how the editor's appearance changed over time from the choice of solutions with the description of versions

Apple version of editor

Apple - Banana


The first implementation of the idea of the editor in the browser already with the ability to rotate the character by imitating the change of perspective using the vector interpolation method, this version was very unoptimized due to the combination of jQuery and SVG

Grapefruit version of editor

Banana - Grapefruit


The successful implementation of the editor based on updating the first code, taking into account the shortcomings of the previous one, is faster, but also contains a number of problems, is based on Vue and Nuxt and for drawing vectors: Canvas

2019 - 2021
Huckleberry version of editor

Grapefruit - ...


The current version with a complete overhaul of technologies, the project is now in 3D with ease of development and its support, the emergence of many ideas due to the ease of their implementation

2021 - 2021

Our team

Main persons who support the project

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Project author | Programmer | DevOps

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