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Pony and furry editor directly in browser with 3D graphics

Online editor for character creation and modification without complications

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Our patrons

List of patrons who supported our project financially, we are grateful for their participation in the life of the project become one of our patrons by subscribing to Patreon

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We are constantly developing editor

We constantly find opportunities for development of the project and its improvement every month





Editor features

The editor allows you to create various characters, modify them through the built-in tools and then auto-save in the browser and in the account

maximum simplification of actions

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Create your characters

The editor provides tools right in the browser for creating your character, then saving the work and using it

characters are saved automatically

Start using now

The editor in the form of a website allows you to use it anywhere and on any device, as well as transfer the save between them through a single account

just run it on the device you want

Three types of devices
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Communicating and getting help

The project provides the ability to send messages for communication asking for help and finding friends, we also have social networks where you can watch the life of the project

just use chat in editor page

Become part of the community

The project is open to criticism, ideas and creativity, anyone can help with the development and promotion of the project, the main directions for support: artists, programmers and patrons

just contact us on the support page

Helping types

Start using editor now

Check out the editor's capabilities for yourself now and become a part of the community too

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